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Welcome to Boulay Landscaping’s Firewood for Sale page!

Are you in need of firewood for your fireplace, wood burning stove or firepit? Do you need firewood to fuel your home this winter?

Look no further than Maine’s Boulay Landscaping. We offer high-quality firewood for sale to keep you warm and cozy during southern Maine’s chilliest months.

At Boulay Landscaping, we understand the importance of having a reliable source of firewood to heat your home during the colder months. That’s why we take great care in sourcing and seasoning our firewood to ensure it is ready to burn efficiently and effectively.

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What We Offer

We offer green or seasoned firewood in oak and maple. Each type of wood has its own unique heating value and flavor when burned. Oak is a dense, hardwood with a high heating value and a long burn time. It produces a nice, steady heat and has a pleasant aroma when burned.

Maple is another dense hardwood with a high heating value and a long burn time. It burns cleanly and leaves very little ash.

Don’t let the cold weather catch you unprepared – stock up on firewood from Boulay Landscaping. Contact Us today for more information!

Boulay Landscaping, LLC

Why Us?

Our firewood is locally sourced, and as per law, we cannot deliver to other states such as neighboring Massachusetts. Keeping firewood local prevents the spread of invasive species. We primarily serve southern Maine and parts of New Hampshire including Biddeford ME, Wells ME, Brunswick, Kennebunk and Kennebunkport, ME, Sanford ME, York ME, Saco, and Scarborough and In New Hampshire Dover NH, Rochester NH, Portsmouth NH.

We are also eco-friendly so we handsaw our firewood to limit our carbon footprint.

At Boulay Landscaping, we are committed to providing our customers with the best possible service and products year-round. From tree services, lawn and garden care, fall and winter cleanup, hardscaping and winter snow plowing, we offer a variety of services to keep your home and business property in top shape.

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We provide delivery to your home for your convenience. No need to worry about loading and transporting cords of firewood – we'll bring the firewood straight to your door. If you wish to pick up, that can be arranged, though most customers prefer delivery.

Call for Pricing

Call for Pricing

Firewood is sold by the cord with 16-inch length logs. We can do customized lengths if you need. In general April through July is the top buying season so call to get your order. Folks buy then so the wood can be put up & ready to go come the fall.

Storage & Care

Storage & Care

Proper storage & care of your firewood is important to ensure it stays dry and ready to burn. It is recommended to stack firewood off the ground, on a sturdy base such as pallets or a wood rack. Covering the wood with a tarp can also help protect it from the elements. With proper storage and care, your firewood will be ready to use all winter long.
Boulay Landscaping, LLC

Buy Firewood Today!

When you purchase firewood from us, you can trust that you are getting high-quality wood that will burn efficiently and provide warmth. Contact us for pricing, to place your order, arrange delivery or for more information. We look forward to serving you and helping to keep your home warm and cozy.

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