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gardening care

Gardens, without a doubt, are a pleasing addition to your property. A beautiful garden, as part of your home’s landscaping, adds charm and personality. Gardens appeal to our eyes with color, variety, and design.

But caring for your garden is not easy.

The upkeep of a garden bed including plants, flowers, and shrubs requires hard work, proper equipment, and plant knowledge. But garden care is very important to the health and appearance of the plants and flowers, and for the overall aesthetic of your garden and landscaping.

Gardening Services provided by Boulay Landscaping, LLC - Wells, Maine

Garden Care Maintenance

Homeowners can take care of garden areas but using Boulay Landscaping’s skilled team of workers lifts the burden off you. We have the expertise to provide the care that will allow your garden to thrive.

Garden care involves several tasks such as:
  • Planting: Selecting and putting plants in the ground, based on season, light, and soil
  • Pruning: Removing dead, diseased, or damaged growth, and shaping plants to encourage healthy growth.
  • Weeding: removal of unwanted plants, both to keep the garden attractive and to prevent competition for nutrients and water
  • Mulching: Adding a layer of organic material, such as leaves or bark, to the soil surface to conserve moisture and suppress weeds.
  • Watering: Hydrating plants and flowers especially in dry and hot conditions.


With Boulay Landscaping you can be confident we will use the proper techniques and tools and the right products. We are aware of environmental considerations including water conservation and reducing chemical use.

Why Choose Boulay Landscaping

By using professional landscaping company Boulay Landscaping takes the workload off you. You can relax knowing we have the expertise and the equipment to properly handle your garden care.

We offer a comprehensive list of services for Lawn and Garden Care including:

Trimming and pruning including debris cleanup
Fertilization to keep your garden healthy & weed free. Eco-friendly for safety.
Problem-solving – identify and find solutions for pest and weed control.
Dead cutting – removing dead or faded flower and seed heads from plants.
Seasonal maintenance and preparation
Watering and irrigation
Mulching – delivery and installation
Landscape lighting  – design and installation

Call Boulay Landscaping for your Garden Care

Boulay Landscaping has built a solid reputation of service and professionalism serving the good folks of southern Maine and neighboring New Hampshire. We offer full gardening and lawn services as well as, Tree Services, Irrigation, Hardscaping, Spring and Fall Cleanup, Snow plowing and Ice control, and Firewood Sales. Boulay Landscaping will make sure that your yard looks good throughout the season! Contact us and learn how Boulay can care for your gardening and all your landscaping needs.

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