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We offer a full range of irrigation services through our Lawn Innovations Division.

Water is vitally important for vegetation including lawns, flower beds, shrubs, and trees. Water helps to dissolve needed nutrients so plant life can easily absorb and use them.  

Water also fuels the photosynthesis process leading to stronger healthy grass. Improper watering results in sparse growth, and dead patches, and even invites weeds.

Too much or too little water can lead to a weakened root system and increases the likelihood of weeds and pests.

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Installation of Irrigation Systems

We offer the installation of irrigation systems for both residential and commercial properties. We also offer drip irrigation which is suitable for window boxes, potted plants, gardens, shrubs, and flowers.

Backflow Testing and Repair

 We offer backflow testing and repair to ensure your system is functioning properly. Backflow devices are designed for installation on potable water lines (drinkable water) to protect against both back-siphonage and back-pressure of contaminated water into the potable water supply. Backflow problems can result in potential health hazards.

Spring Start-Up

 After our snowy Maine winter, we can properly start up your irrigation system for the spring season. Let us take care of this important yearly task.

Repair & Maintenance

System repairs include sprinkler heads, water lines, valves, and drip lines. We can also inspect and provide general maintenance of your system.

Fall Shutdown

As winter approaches, let us take care of properly and safely shutting down your system. In winter, temperatures can dip well below 32°F. so you need to winterize your system before temperatures plunge to the freezing mark. Frozen water in irrigation valves, pipes, and sprinkler heads will expand, causing the parts to burst and destroy your sprinkler system.

Winterizing A Residential Irrigation System By Using A Compressor


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Boulay Landscaping serves these southern Maine and New Hampshire communities Biddeford MEKennebunk ME, Sanford MEWells MEYork MEDover NHRochester NHPortsmouth NH, and more.

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