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Fun Hardscaping Ideas

Fun Hardscaping Ideas

Hardscaping ideas are as varied as your imagination and budget. Hardscaping is almost any type of decorative or physical structure in a landscape design, from decorative stone to benches to water features. Hardscape is a part of landscape design, creating order and adding to the beauty of your landscaping by incorporating manmade touches with the natural.

Hardscaping options for your front and back yards provide the opportunity to make your outdoor areas look fresh, interesting, and useful without necessarily requiring a complete overhaul. If you’ve got a healthy yard, hardscaping can enhance the existing beauty. If your yard has seen better days, hardscaping can essentially make over the rough spots in favor of something that will make you proud as a homeowner.

But any hardscaping work can benefit greatly from the knowledge and experience provided by a professional landscape company that does hardscaping. That’s why Boulay Landscaping can offer you such fun hardscaping options like:


A patio is a paved surface and located at ground level, adjacent to your home usually convenient to walk out from slider or backdoor. Opening up your space with a patio could be the solution you need for fun entertaining. Your patio can be created with poured concrete or concrete pavers, gravel, or stone. You can add a firepit feature adjacent to it or as part of the furnishings. Some folks even add a pergola or arbor over it.

Outdoor Fire Pit

Nothing is cozier on a cool summer evening or a brisk fall night than a fire pit. Suddenly that underused garden or backyard is inviting with a firepit. There are tons of variation and shapes to choose from to match your sensibility. Adding a firepit will give your garden a wonderful warm glow. 

Stones and Boulders

Stones and boulders are also considered hardscape elements. Choose flagstones for a versatile option for patios while paving stones offer an attractive way to create borders and pathways. Boulders are beautiful with shades of color and provide an interesting fixed point while enhancing your yard. River rocks are another lovely option can be used pathways and patio designs.

Water Features

Adding a water feature can turn your place into something unique. Whether a waterfall, a reflecting pool or a little pond, water features add beauty and serenity to your landscape design. There are also lots of premade water fountains that can be purchased and installed by your irrigation professional.


What’s better than having someplace to sit and enjoy the day in your yard? Whether it’s a single chair in the shade or a wooden bench by your garden, benches can be a welcome addition to any outdoor setting.

Wood Chips and Mulch

Wood chips and mulch are organic material (though there is rubber mulch) that is used for ground cover. It helps conserve water and limits weeds or erosion, while maintaining an outdoor aesthetic that looks beautiful and tidy. They come in a variety of colors and textures, allowing you to personalize your yard.


Concrete is a manmade staple of hardscaping. Used in large quantities, concrete can create patios, driveways, and cooking areas and it can be enhanced with designs and patterns. In smaller uses, it can anchor fixtures for lighting, gardening, or simple displays.


Bricks present a multitude of hardscaping options. Used in small quantities, they can accentuate the yard in specific spots such as encircling a particularly lovely tree. Bricks can be used to form paths, create flower beds, or build standing structures like grills and fire pits.

Choose Boulay Landscaping for Your Hardscaping Project

Using the hardscape service by Boulay Landscaping is a great way to enhance your outdoor space. We can share some of our hardscaping ideas or help you design your own. We build patios, retaining walls, outdoor living spaces, water features, walkways, stone fire pits, and more.

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