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Is It Time to Update Your Irrigation System?

Is It Time to Update Your Irrigation System?

A good irrigation system is an investment in the health of your lawn, landscaping, and garden. When to update your irrigation system is not a big mystery. A well-functioning and properly scheduled irrigation system should save you money. Rather than randomly hand watering your lawn and plants or having an inefficient irrigation system, perhaps sending “expensive” water down the street sewers, with an upgrade, you can save on water bills and improve your yard’s health. A major sign that it’s time to update your irrigation system is if your water bill is higher than normal.

But before knowing for sure, it is time to have a conversation with your landscaping company. A good landscaper knows if your irrigation system is working right or if you do not have an irrigation system, and whether your lawn and plants would benefit from an installation of one.

Boulay Landscaping provides expertise in all things landscaping and in particular irrigation. We can evaluate your current situation and help you determine if your system is functioning properly. If it isn’t – it may be a quick fix. If your system is dated or if you look like a good candidate for installing an irrigation system, we are the folks to handle it.

Reasons to Upgrade Your Irrigation System

  • Leaks
  • Damaged sprinkler heads
  • Brown or Bald Patches – indicates that your lawn is getting too much or too little water. 
  • Water Distribution –The sprinklers may not be coming up as high as they should, you may need more sprinkler heads or a system better designed for your current landscaping.

Upgrading or adding a new irrigation system can address these problems, resulting in a thriving lawn and healthy flowers, shrubbery, and trees.

Three Main Benefits of Irrigation Systems

When it comes to watering,  it is important that you distribute the right amount of water on a consistent basis. Too much and you’ll waste money on your water bill and damage your lawn; too little and your grass and plants will suffer. 

  • Save money: A well-timed and regulated irrigation system can cut back dramatically on the cost of your water bill. Proper installation includes setting up the precise location of sprinklers for efficient water distribution and cutting down on wasted water. Additionally, a properly watered lawn cuts down on needing to pay for replacing or repairing dry brown lawn patches or damaged areas.
  • Save Time An average-sized garden can take hours trying to hand water a lawn. One of the biggest benefits of Boulay Landscaping irrigation systems is efficient time management. Properly set up, your watering is taken care of consistently, reliably, and effectively. Your time is important. Spend it enjoying the beauty of your yard, not watering it.
  • Improve Property Value: No one can dispute that a beautifully landscaped home or property is a point of personal pride. It also adds to the value of your home. Prospective buyers will note a well-maintained lawn and are likely pleased that you have an irrigation system. They will want to maintain your home’s landscaping. Irrigation systems are low maintenance and are an added feature for a home or commercial property.

Call Boulay Landscaping for Your Irrigation Needs

At Boulay Landscaping, we offer irrigation system installation, repair, and maintenance. Call us today at 207-251-6230 for a new system or for us to evaluate if you need to update your irrigation system. Contact us online to arrange for a free quote or to tell us about your project.

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