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Healthy trees can branch out and grow in numerous directions, and the natural canopy and shade can be beautiful and enjoyable. But tree limbs require pruning to prevent unwanted damage and promote the overall health of the tree. Think of it as a haircut. By the way, if you notice some shrubs taking over your landscaping these can be given a trim too.

While pruning may sound like a simple job, it’s important to use trained and experienced professionals to handle the job. Poor pruning may cause damage and produce an ugly shapeless mess.  Older trees or trees with high-reaching branches need professional tender loving care. That’s why Boulay Landscaping offers pruning services to the southern Maine and New Hampshire communities.

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What Pruning Involves

Pruning does not necessarily involve the complete removal of tree limbs. Pruning involves the strategic removal of dead tree limbs, branches, and foliage. In many cases, the tree has grown over buildings, patios or awnings, driveways and sidewalks, and overhead power lines. Pruning is needed to make areas safe and usable.

Because of the potential dangers of improper pruning, such as falling limbs, it’s imperative to let the Boulay Landscaping professionals handle it, especially when pruning a tree or plant anywhere near  structures and throughways.

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Outdoor Beauty

Whether it’s a tall oak tree or a flowering shrub by your mailbox, pruning services work to balance the plant’s needs with your aesthetic design. Your landscaping has a plan and proper pruning allows you to enjoy the continued growth and health of the plant while ensuring you keep the integrity of your design.

Pruning takes the appearance of the trees and shrubs into consideration. Instead of just hacking off the tree limbs or shearing the shrubs with no goal beyond cutting back the plant growth, professional pruning allows you the chance to shape the plant to your specifications.

Future Growth

Professional pruning encourages future growth from the plant without scarring or damaging the plant’s exterior.

Plant and tree health depend greatly on the core of the plant, which can get overlooked when inexperienced people just hack and slash through the foliage.

Successful pruning takes time, care, and precision, things that could get overlooked if all you care about is getting the job done quickly.

Professional pruning services can help ensure the plant’s health for years to come. A healthy tree is a precious part of nature.

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